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I'm having paper feed problems. What should I do?

  • Check these solutions if you have problems feeding originals through your product.

    Originals Do Not Feed From the Automatic Document Feeder

    If your originals do not feed when placed in the ADF, try these solutions:

    • Make sure the size, weight, and number of your originals are supported by the ADF.
    • Make sure the originals are loaded correctly.
    • Try cleaning the inside of the ADF.
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    Originals Jam in the Automatic Document Feeder

    If your originals jam in the ADF, follow the steps here to clear the jam.

    1. Remove your originals from the input tray.
    2. Raise the ADF cover and remove any jammed originals.
    3. If you cannot remove the originals, make sure the ADF cover is open and raise the ADF.
    4. Press the tabs on the document mat and remove the mat.
    5. Carefully remove any jammed originals.
    6. Slide the notches on the base of the document mat into the scanner lid and push the top tabs into place until they click.
    7. Close the ADF, then close the ADF cover.
    8. Reload your originals.

      Make sure your originals meets the specifications for the ADF before loading them.

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