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How should I clean the inside of my product?

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    Cleaning the ADF

    Clean the ADF if you experience paper feed or scanned image quality problems, or you see a message on your computer telling you to clean it.

    Do not use a hard brush, alcohol, or paint thinner to clean the product or you may damage it. Do not use oil or other lubricants inside the product or let water get inside it. Do not open the product case. Do not press the surface of the scanner glass with any force and be careful not to scratch or damage the scanner glass. A damaged glass surface can decrease the scan quality.

    1. Open the ADF cover.
    2. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (microfiber is recommended) to clean the rollers.
    3. Close the ADF cover.
    4. Open the ADF.
    5. Press the tabs on the document mat and remove the mat.
    6. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (microfiber is recommended) to clean both sides of the clear portion of the document mat.

      Do not wipe the clear portion with too much force or you may damage it.

    7. Slide the notches on the base of the document mat into the scanner lid and push the top tabs into place until they click.
    8. Close the ADF.
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