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How should I clean the inside of my product?

    Clean your scanner regularly to make sure that no dust builds up on the glass scanning surfaces. Dust can cause spots or lines in your scanned images.

    Note: The illustrations show the ES-300W/ES-300WR, but the instructions are the same for the ES-200.

    Do not use a hard brush, alcohol, or paint thinner to clean the product or you may damage it. Do not use oil or other lubricants inside the product or let water get inside it.

    1. Turn off the scanner and unplug the AC adapter.
    2. Disconnect any connected cables.
    3. Pull the edge of the scanner cover firmly at the arrow mark to open it.
    4. Use a soft, moist cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt on the glass scanning surfaces and the rollers inside the scanner cover.

      Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the scanning surfaces. Be careful not to place too much force on the glass.

    5. Squeeze the tabs on the sides of the separation pad and pull up to remove it.
    6. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt on the separation pad.
    7. To replace the separation pad, slide it into the groove as shown and push it in until you hear it click into place.
    8. Press the pickup roller cover latch and pull up the cover to remove it.
    9. Slide the pickup roller to the right and lift up to remove it.
    10. Wipe off any dust or dirt on the pickup roller using a soft, moist cloth.

      Use only a soft, moist cloth to clean the roller; using a dry cloth may damage the surface of the roller.

    11. To replace the pickup roller, align the notch on the roller unit and slide it to the left. Press down to secure the roller.
    12. Align the left edge of the pickup roller cover into the notches as shown and press it down until you hear it click into place.

      Note: If you are not able to close the cover, the pickup roller is not installed correctly. Remove the roller unit and reinstall it, then try to close the cover again.

    13. Plug in the AC adapter and press the  power button to turn on the scanner.
    14. Hold down the  start button for at least two seconds while opening the scanner cover. The rollers on the bottom move momentarily, and then the scanner enters cleaning mode. Press the  start button several times to rotate the rollers shown here. Use a soft, moist cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt on the rollers as they rotate. Repeat this step until the rollers are clean.
    15. Close the scanner cover. Press the edge of the scanner cover firmly at the arrow mark until the scanner cover clicks into place.
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