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Can I use Nuance PDF Converter for Mac to scan over a wireless connection?

  • No, the ES-300WR does not support using Nuance PDF Converter for Mac to scan over a wireless connection. However, you can do one of the following instead:

    • Use the Epson ScanSmart software to scan wirelessly, save the scan to your computer, and then open the file in Nuance PDF Converter for Mac to convert it into a searchable PDF.
    • Use Epson ScanSmart to wirelessly scan your document and convert the scan into a searchable PDF. See the help information in Epson ScanSmart or the Epson ScanSmart User's Guide.
    • Use a USB connection to scan your document with Nuance PDF Converter for Mac.

      Note: Make sure to set the connection mode switch on the side of the scanner to USB. The scanner does not support a USB and wireless connection at the same time.

      It is not recommended to regularly change the connection mode switch setting.

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