How do I load originals in the input tray?

  • You can load originals that meet the document specifications in the input tray.

    1. Slide the cover latch to open the scanner.
    2. Press the  power button to turn on the scanner, if necessary.
    3. Extend the paper guide.

      Note: If you are loading an original that is 14.5 inches (368.3 mm) or longer, do not extend the paper guide.

    4. Raise the input tray edge guides and slide them all the way out.
    5. If you are loading a multi-page original, fan your stack of originals.

      Note: If you are loading an original that is 14.5 inches (368.3 mm) or longer, load only one sheet at a time.

    6. Stack the originals with the printed side facing down and slide the stack so the leading edge is at an angle as shown.
    7. Slide the mode selector to ADF and load standard originals into the input tray printed side down and top edge first. Slide in the originals until they meet resistance and the Ready light becomes brighter.
    8. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the original.

      Note: If you are scanning originals that are 14.5 inches (368.3 mm) or longer, support the original as it enters into and ejects from the scanner as shown.

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