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How do I load photos in the input tray?

  • You can load up to 30 photos that meet the scanner's photo specifications in the input tray.

    Note: Loading thick photos reduces the maximum number of photos that can be loaded in a single batch.

    Before loading multiple photos, prepare the photos as described in the link below.

    Do not load fragile or irreplaceable photos, or valuable original documents or artwork, directly into the input tray. This may wrinkle or damage the original. Load these originals one at a time using a carrier sheet. Do not scan Polaroid photos. Polaroid photos are too thick, and can damage the photo or your scanner.

    Follow these guidelines when loading photos:

    • Do not mix photos and documents.
    • Scan photos of the same size in a batch.
    • Do not add more photos during scanning.
    • The total thickness of the photo stack must be less than 0.3 inch (8 mm) including any curve in the photos.
    • Scan photos larger than 5 x 7 inches (127 x 178 mm) one at a time.

    Do not scan Polaroid photos. Polaroid photos are too thick, and can damage the photo or your scanner.

    1. Pull up the input tray extension, extend the output tray, and flip up the stopper.

      Note: If you are scanning large photos, do not flip up the stopper.

    2. Slide the input tray edge guides all the way out.
    3. Check to make sure that the page separation lever is in the position shown here.

      Note: To prevent paper jams, keep the lever in this position for most types of photos. If you are scanning a photo using a carrier sheet, slide it to the upper position.

    4. Flip your photos so they are facedown.
    5. Fan your stack of photos and tap them gently on a flat surface to even the edges.
    6. Load your photos into the center of the input tray facedown, in landscape orientation and top edge first, then slide them in until they meet resistance.

      Note: If you have both portrait- and landscape-oriented photos in the same stack, you can rotate the portrait images after scanning.

    7. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the photos.
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