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I see lines through all my scanned images. What should I do?

  • If spots or lines appear in all your scanned images, try these solutions:

    • Make sure the surface of your original is clean.
    • Make sure there is no debris or dirt inside the ADF.
    • Disconnect any connected cables and clean inside the scanner.
    • Enable the Detect Glass Dirt setting on the control panel. (Press the  home button, select Settings > Scanner Settings > Detect Glass Dirt, and select On-Low, if the alert displays a misdetection, or On- High if dirt is not detected.) When an alert displays on the control panel, clean the glass scanning surfaces inside your scanner using a genuine Epson cleaning kit or a soft, moist cloth.

      Note: If there are scratches on the glass surface, the alert screen may continue to appear even after cleaning the glass. Contact Epson for information about replacing the glass.

    • Avoid scanning in direct sunlight.
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