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How do I decide which resolution to select when scanning from Epson Scan 2?

  • The software recommends a resolution when you select one of the following Scan Settings: Film, Document, Magazine, Newspaper, or Photo. If you plan to enlarge a negative or slide for printing, see the table below.

    Print size from 35mm film DPI required
    4 x 6 inches 1200 dpi
    5 x 7 inches 1600 dpi
    8 x 10 inches 2400 dpi
    11 x 17 inches 3200 dpi
    13 x 19 inches 4800 dpi
    17 x 22 inches 6400 dpi

    Note: Scanner resolution is a measurement of enlargement power, not image quality. A resolution of 300 dpi produces a file that can be printed at the same size as the original. Doubling (600 dpi) or quadrupling (1200 dpi) the resolution increases the output size accordingly. The larger the original, the lower the resolution needs to be; smaller items, such as 35mm film, require a higher resolution for common printing sizes. Higher resolutions result in larger files and longer scan or print times.

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