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My original jammed in my product. What should I do?

  • If an original has jammed inside the product, follow these steps:

    Note: Epson Smart Panel does not support scanning originals more than 15.5 inches (398.3 mm) in length.

    1. Turn off your product.
    2. Remove all originals from the input tray.
    3. Pull down the cover open lever and open the scanner cover.
    4. Gently pull out any jammed originals from inside the product.

    5. Gently pull out any jammed originals from the output tray.

    6. Close the scanner cover.
    7. Carefully follow all loading instructions when you reload originals.

    If originals jam in the product frequently, try the following:

    • Select on the product control panel to slow down the scanning speed.
    • Turn off the Detect Double Feed setting.
    • Clean inside the product and clean the rollers.
    • Close the output tray and let the originals fall freely onto the surface below the scanner.
    • If the roller counter is nearing end of life, replace the roller assembly kit.
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