Support Scanners Perfection Series Epson Perfection V19 II

The product is not converting characters to editable text (OCR). What should I do?

  • Check the following to increase the recognition rate of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

    • Check that the original is placed straight.
    • Use an original with clear text. Text recognition may decline for the following types of originals:
      • Originals that have been copied several times.
      • Originals received by fax (low resolution).
      • Originals where the letter spacing or line spacing is too small.
      • Originals with ruled lines or underlined text.
      • Originals with handwritten text.
      • Originals with creases or wrinkles.
    • Paper types made of thermal paper, such as receipts, may deteriorate due to age or friction. Scan them as soon as possible.
    • When saving as Searchable PDF files, check that the correct languages are selected. Check the Language in each Save Setting window.

    Note: You need the Epson Scan OCR Component to save as a Searchable PDF. When you set up the scanner using the installer, this is installed automatically.

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