I deleted files from the photo viewer while it was connected to a Mac but the viewer shows no hard drive space was recovered. What should I do?

  • A temporary trash folder is created on the photo viewer's hard drive when you connect it to a Mac. Deleted files are sent to this hidden folder and are deleted permanently when you empty your Mac's Trash. If you disconnect the viewer before emptying your Mac's Trash, hard drive space is not recovered on the photo viewer because the files you deleted are still in the viewer's trash folder.

    To prevent this from happening, be sure to empty your Mac's Trash before disconnecting the viewer from it.

    To remove files from your photo viewer's hidden trash folder, follow these steps:
    1. Make sure the photo viewer is not connected to your Mac.
    2. Empty your Mac's Trash. (The Trash icon should appear empty.)
    3. Connect the photo viewer to your Mac. The Trash icon should now show items in it.
    4. Empty your Mac's Trash again. This will delete the files that were in the photo viewer's hidden trash folder.
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