Why isn't the file size displayed when I press the Display button on my viewer to view the properties of a RAW file image?

  • Pictures taken on a digital camera and saved as RAW files include a header that records image information (metadata) such as the date and time the picture was taken, make and model of camera, ISO speed, shutter speed, and white balance. The P-5000 can read image headers that follow the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) file format specification. The amount of image file properties stored in the header is determined by each digital camera manufacturer and can vary among manufacturers. As a result, when viewing image file properties on your P-5000, you may see different settings for each image. This is normal.

    Almost all RAW images contain a copy of the photo image that is stored as an encoded JPEG data stream. The P-5000 reads only the JPEG data stream inside the RAW file when displaying an image. Since the resolution (image size) of RAW and JPEG images are not the same, the P-5000 does not display file size (resolution) information on RAW images.
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