How do I print directly from my viewer to my product without a computer?

  • Your printer must be PictBridge-compatible and you must first set the P-5000 to print mode so that the printer will recognize it as a PictBridge device. Follow these steps to set the P-5000 to print mode and to print photos directly from it:
    1. Make sure the P-5000 is turned on.
    2. Highlight My Photos, then press OK.
    3. Scroll to the images you want to print, then press OK.

      Note: You cannot print a JPEG file if the vertical or horizontal size of the image exceeds 4600 pixels.
    4. Press Menu to display the pop-up menu.
    5. Select Photo Print, then press OK.
    6. The number of prints is shown for each photo.
    7. Select the number of prints you want for each photo using the or button.

      If you are printing a full-screen photo, you can select the number of prints, then display the other photos in the folder by pressing right or left on the 4-way ring.
    8. Once you have selected all of the photos and set the number of prints for each, press OK.
    9. When you see a Connect Printer message, turn on your printer and connect it to the P-5000 using the cable that came with the photo viewer. If your printer has an LCD screen, you may see a message indicating a digital camera has been connected.
    10. Select the Print Settings using the 4-way ring, then press OK. You can adjust the following settings:

      Number of PrintsSet the number of prints (video only).
      Paper sizeChoose the paper size loaded in the printer.
      Paper kindChoose the type of paper loaded in the printer.
      LayoutChoose Border or Borderless
      Print DatePrint the date when the photo was taken. If the photo does not include date information, the printing date is added.
      Print ModeChoose Photo, High speed, or Best Photo.

      Note: Depending on the printer, the paper settings may be limited or set to Automatic. The settings will be cleared once the image has been printed.
    11. Select Start Printing, then press OK.
    12. The images you selected should start to print.
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