How do I print directly from my viewer to my product without a computer?

  • Follow these steps to print photos or videos directly on a PictBridge-compatible printer.
    1. Connect the P-6000 to your PictBridge-compatible printer.
    2. Make sure the P-6000 and printer are turned on.
    3. Select Print Wizard on the P-6000 Home screen using the 4-way ring or jog dial, then press OK.
    4. Select Create Custom Print, then press OK.
    5. Select the photo you want to print using the 4-way ring, then press OK.
    6. You see the retouch confirmation message. Do one of the following:
      • To retouch your photo before printing, select Yes, then press OK.

        You see the Retouch Settings menu. Use one of the adjustment presets or adjust individual settings as necessary.
      • To continue without retouching your photo, select No, then press OK.
    7. When you see the Cropping setting menu, select one of the following cropping methods using the 4-way ring or jog dial, then press OK:
      • Fixed Aspect—to select a 1:1, 3:2, or 4:3 aspect ratio
      • Free Aspect—to manually adjust the aspect ratio
      • No Cropping—to continue without cropping your image.
    8. When you see the Select Print Layout Size menu, select the paper size that you are printing on using the 4-way ring or jog dial, then press OK.
    9. Adjust the print layout settings as necessary.
    10. When you're finished selecting layout settings, press OK.
    11. Make sure the AC adapter is connected to the viewer.

      If the viewer can't find the printer, make sure the printer is turned on and has paper and ink.
    12. Select Check Printer Connection.
    13. On the printer confirmation screen, use the 4-way ring to change the following settings:

      Number of PrintsSet the number of prints.
      Print DatePrint the date when the photo was taken. If the photo does not include date information, the printing date is added.
      Paper sizeChoose the paper size loaded in the printer.
      Paper kindChoose the type of paper loaded in the printer.
      Print ModeChoose Photo, High speed, or Best Photo.
      Color EnhanceAutomatically adjusts the photo when it's printed (not available for all types of image files).
    14. When you have finished selecting settings, select Start Printing, then press OK.
    15. The images you selected should start to print.
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