I need to press the Continue button after each page prints. What should I do?

  • This is normal when trying to print on odd size and small documents within the printer specifications without the AUTO CONTINUE feature turned on. The printer will stall momentarily, and you will have to press the CONTINUE button after each page. It also sometimes occurs if paper misfeeds and more than one sheet is fed at one time. To avoid having to press Continue you can turn the AUTO CONTINUE feature on.

    1. Enabling the AUTO CONTINUE feature on the printer.

    * Press the SELECT TYPE LEVEL 2 button.

    * Press the CONTINUE button until you reach AUTO CONTINUE OFF>

    * Press the FEED button until AUTO CONTINUE OFF >SET.

    * Press the COPY END button until AUTO CONTINUE ON>SET.

    * Press the FEED button until AUTO CONTINUE ON>.

    * Press the INITIALIZE RESET (you won't see any change, but the printer knows) button, then press ON-LINE.
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