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The print quality is poor. What should I do?

  • First turn the darkness knob under the top cover to a lighter level to see if that helps. If not, try the following cleaning steps to improve printed output.

    1. Remove the toner cartridge and clean the clear plastic lens on the bottom of the toner cartridge toward the front of it with some tissue.
    2. Next, take a dry cotton swap and wipe over the full length of the a wire,which is almost invisible, just above and toward the front, covered on top with a metal screen. Do it with only slight pressure to prevent it from breaking.Set the toner cartridge down on some newspaper.
    3. Remove the Photo Conductor Unit only touching the green plastic handles and carefully set it down on a flat surface. Do not expose it to bright light(normal room lighting is ok for a few minutes).
    4. Using some tissue, wipe off the clear plastic inside the printer at the bottom of the printer where the Photo Conductor Unit normally sits.
    5. Insert the Photo Conductor Unit and toner cartridge and then slide the green transfer wire cleaner on the top of the Photo Conductor Unit as far right as it will go, then back to its original position.
    6. If the pages print with equally spaced marks and cleaning doesn't help, then the Photo Conductor Unit will need to be replaced. This is available from the Epson Store.
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