My printout has lines running through it. What should I do?

  • Banding may be caused by a number of different reasons.

    1. Incompatible paper
    Using an incompatible type paper can cause banding due to the way the ink is absorbed into the paper. Use genuine EPSON brand ink jet paper to make sure the paper is not causing the problem.

    2. Paper thickness lever in wrong position
    Make sure the paper thickness lever is in the normal position for ink jet paper and not in the envelope position. See your user's manual for thickness lever setting instructions).

    3. Video driver conflict
    Some video drivers may cause a conflict in memory between the printer driver and video memory. Try changing to the Windows video driver provided by Microsoft or check to see if the video card manufacturer has an updated video driver available. This is often the cause of strange printing problems such as heavy banding and missing characters.

    4. Wrong driver or driver setup
    Make sure you are using the correct printer driver for your EPSON inkjet model. Also make sure you have selected the correct print settings to print with for the type of paper and resolution in the driver setup. MicroWeave should be turned on in the driver.

    5. Clogged nozzle
    Print the demo or self test page by pressing and holding the Alt button for 10 seconds while applying power to the printer. Check to see if white lines appear through your text. Also determine if the banding affects the color or black ink cartridge. If no banding is present then the cause is probably caused by the software or video driver.

    If the white lines are present, perform two or more cleaning cycles on the affected color or black print head. (See instructions under the printer's top cover or in the User's Manual for cleaning cycle instructions.)After performing the cleaning cycles check to see if the banding has improved or cleared. Most clogged nozzle problems are cleared with a few cleaning cycles but in some stubborn cases it may be necessary to perform many cleaning cycles in order to clear a blocked nozzle.
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