Can my product emulate an IBM Proprinter?

  • This printer emulates the IBM Proprinter using the commands below. For detailed information, see the IBM 2380 Plus reference manual. General operation: NUL, DC3, ESC j, BEL, CAN, DC1, ESC Q, ESC [ K, ESC U, ESC [ F Paper feeding: FF, LF, ESC 5, ESC A, ESC 0, ESC 1, ESC 2, ESC 3, CR, ESC ] Page format: ESC C, ESC C0, ESC X, ESC N, ESC O, ESC 4 Print position motion: ESC d, ESC R, ESC D, HT, ESC B, VT, ESC J Font selection: DC2, ESC P, ESC :, ESC E, ESC F, ESC I, ESC [d, ESC [I Font enhancement: DC4, SO, ESC SO, ESC W, ESC [ @, SI, ESC SI, ESC G, ESC H, ESC T, ESC S, ESC -, ESC _ Spacing: BS, SP Character handling: ESC 6, ESC 7, ESC [ T, ESC ^, ESC \ Bit image: ESC K, ESC L, ESC Y, ESC Z Barcode: ESC [f, ESC [p Download: ESC = (only Draft mode)
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