I have roller marks on my printout. What should I do?

  • If the printer rollers leave unwanted marks on your document, use the included cleaning pad to clean the rollers.

    It may become necessary to clean the printer rollers in the following situations:

    When you use paper that is not distributed by EPSON. In this case, it takes longer to dry the ink. Set the waiting time for drying longer or adjust the quantity of the ink. For Windows users, see Making Advanced settings for details. For Macintosh users, see Making Advanced settings for details.
    • When you use EPSON special media that is not supported by this printer.
    • When you print on the wrong side of the paper.
    • When you use the printer in conditions that differ from the environment specified in the manual.
    • When the printer rollers have not been cleaned recently.

    Follow these steps to clean inside the printer:
    1. Turn off the printer.
    2. Dampen the cleaning pad (packed with your printer) with water, then squeeze it to remove the excess. Clean the black plastic area inside your printer as shown:

    Caution: If you clean the printer rollers using a dry cleaning pad, it may scratch the surface of the printer rollers and damage the printer. Do not use chemical cleaners such as benzine, thinner, or alcohol.

    3. Hold down the Ink button and then press and hold the Power button.
    Make sure that the Ink, and Paper lights are flashing and release buttons.
    4. Load a sheet of plain paper, wide edge first. (Note: Both sides of the sheet can be used.)
    5. Press the Paper button. The printer feeds the paper.
    It takes about three minutes for the printer to feed the sheet through the printer.
    During this time, clean the printer rollers as described in step 6.
    6. Wipe the printer rollers with the damp cleaning pad.
    Rotate the printer rollers to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.
    If the sheet is ejected before you finish cleaning the rollers, start the cleaning procedure over from step 4.
    Note: If necessary, dampen the cleaning pad with more water.

    7. Once the sheet is ejected, check it for unwanted marks caused by dirty printer rollers.
    Repeat the entire procedure until the sheet passes through the printer without accumulating any new marks.
    8. Turn the printer off.
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