When using an ICC printer profile with Adobe Photoshop what settings are recommended to reduce the reddish cast from my image?

  • The following instructions provide the appropriate settings to reduce the reddish cast from a photo image and get consistent results.

    1. Start Adobe Photoshop, open your image file, and make sure it is tagged with the appropriate source profile.

    2. Select File > Print

    3. Select the Media Type in the printer driver (For Example: Premium Luster Photo Paper).

    4. Select Custom under Mode.

    5. Then click on the Advanced button to go to the Advanced menu.

    6. In the Advanced menu, select No Color Adjustment.

    7. Choose the Print Quality resolution. Epson recommends the Photo - 1440dpi setting for the Print Quality setting although lower or higher settings can be used. Epson also recommends that you make sure the High Speed and Edge Smoothing settings are turned off. Click the OK button to return to the previous menu.

    8. When you are ready to print, select Print from the File menu in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and you will see the following dialog box as shown below. In Adobe Photoshop 7.0 select Print with Preview from the File menu. The information under Source Space is now important. If the image is tagged with a source profile, then the description of that source profile will be shown under Source Space. Epson recommends ColorMatch RGB source profile for RGB image files. For more information on tagging a source profile to an image file, see the documentation for Adobe Photoshop.

    9. Under Print Space select a custom printer profile from the Profile pull-down menu (For Example: SP2200 Premium Luster_PK).

    10. Then choose Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual from the Intent pull-down menu.

    NOTE: The print preview will look very pink, but not to worry, if you follow these instructions, you will get consistent results. The color quality of your prints depend on the quality and accuracy of the profiles you choose as the Source Space and Print Space options.
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