Does my product have a self diagnostic feature?

  • You can run a printer check to test the printer operation to determine whether a problem comes from the printer or some other source.

    1. Turn off your printer and computer, then disconnect the printer's interface cable.
    2. Load letter-size paper in the printer.
    3. Hold down the Paper button, then press and release the Power button. Hold down the Paper button until the power light flashes.
    4. A test page prints showing the printer's ROM version number and a nozzle check pattern. (If the pattern has lines, you need to clean the print head).
    5. Turn off the printer, reconnect the interface cable, then turn on your printer and computer.
    6. If the check page prints, the problem probably lies in your software settings, interface cable, or computer, or your software may not be installed correctly. If the check page doesn't print, you may have a problem with your printer.
    Try the suggestions in "Problems and Solutions" beginning on page 66 of your manual. If nothing works, contact your dealer or EPSON.
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