How should I transport my product?

  • If you move your printer some distance, you need to remove the ink cartridges and prepare it for transportation in its original box or a similar one. Do the following:
    1. Turn on the printer, then press the ink button to move the print head into a position where you can remove the ink cartridges.
    2. Open the printer cover, then open the cartridge cover.
    3. Press in the tabs on the ends of each cartridge and lift each one out of the printer.
    4. Set each cartridge down with the label on top facing upward. Pack the cartridges separately in sealable plastic bags.
    5. Close the cartridge cover.
    6. Press the ink button to move the print head back to its home position. (The red ink lights come on to indicate that no cartridges are installed.)
    7. Wait until the print head locks in the far right position, then turn off the printer.
    8. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Then disconnect the printer cable and power cord from the printer.
    9. Remove any paper from the printer, then remove the paper stacker support tray, roll paper holders, photo catcher, and automatic roll paper cutter, if they're installed.
    10. Tape the ink cartridge holder to the printer case using packing tape. Then close the printer cover.

    11. Tape the paper thickness adjust lever up in the up position with packing tape, as shown. Tape it vertically and horizontally to hold it up during shipping.

    12. Close the output tray.
    13. Repack the printer and its attachments in the original box using the protective materials that came with them.
    14. Keep the printer level as you transport it.
    15. After transporting the printer, remove the tape securing the print head and replace your ink cartridges, as described on page 49 of your manual. Then test your printer. If you notice a decline in print quality, clean the print head; if output is misaligned, align the print head.

    Caution: Be sure to remove all the tape after installing the printer in its new location.
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