How do I load and print on thick media?

  • You can load thick paper, such as EPSON Velvet Fine Art Paper, in the straight through manual feed slot in the back of the printer. Make sure your paper is white, up to 0.05-inch (1.3 mm) thick, and is flat and smooth, with no folded edges.

    Note: You can't print on thick paper in the manual feed slot when you're printing with Macintosh OS X applications.

    1. Turn off the printer and remove the roll paper holder and automatic roll paper cutter, if they're installed (see page 32 of the manual for instructions).
    2. Remove any paper loaded in the sheet feeder.
    3. Turn on the printer.
    4. Set the paper adjust lever to the down position. The paper light begins flashing rapidly.

    5. Place one sheet of thick paper - printable side up - in the manual feed slot from the back of the printer. Slowly insert it into the slot against the far left side.

    6. Open the printer cover and look down into the printer as you slide the paper into the manual feed slot. Position the leading edge so it's just past the small gray rollers, about 0.4-inch (1 cm). Make sure the paper is feeding straight; if not, tilt the paper slightly to the left or right to straighten it.

    7. Set the adjust lever to the envelope position.
    8. Press the paper button to feed the paper.
    9. Before printing, select Manual Feed Slot (Windows)

    or Manual Feed (Macintosh) as the Paper Source in your printer software.

    10. When you're finished printing on thick paper, return the adjust lever to the upper position.

    Caution: Don't move the adjust lever during printing; this could damage your printer.

    Note: If the paper light flashes, make sure the adjust lever is set to the envelope position, then press the paper button again.
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