How do I change the default printer settings?

  • Follow the steps below to enter the default-setting mode and change the printer_s default settings. To print the language selection and default-setting mode instructions, you need four sheets of continuous paper that is at least 11 inches (279 mm) long and 8.3 inches (210 mm) wide. Note: If you use single sheets, you need to load a new sheet of paper each time the printer ejects a printed sheet from the paper guide.
    1. Make sure paper is loaded and the printer is turned off.
    2. Turn on the printer while holding down the Font button. The printer enters the default-setting mode and prints the language selection instructions (one page). If you want the instructions in English, there is a faster way to enter default setting mode which skips printing the language instruction sheet. Hold down the Tear Off button and the Font button while you turn on the printer.
    3. Follow the printed instructions to change the printer_s default settings from the control panel.
    4. Press the Font button until the Font and Pitch lights indicate the language you want, as described in the language selection instructions.
    5. Press the Tear Off/Bin button to print the current default settings and instructions in the language you selected.
    6. When you finish making settings, turn off the printer to exit the default-setting mode. You may exit the default-setting mode by turning off the printer at any time. Any settings you have made remain in effect until you change them again.
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