How can I determine a problem from looking at the control panel lights and listening to my product beep patterns?

  • If the printer stops working and one or more control panel lights are on or flashing, and/or the printer beeps, use the following to diagnose and fix the problem. Light Status - Paper Out (ON) + Pause (ON) Beep Pattern - 3 beeps
    1. No paper is loaded in the selected paper source. Load paper in the printer or select a different paper source; the Paper Out light goes off. Then press the Pause button; the Pause light goes off and the printer starts printing.
    2. The paper is not loaded correctly. Remove the paper and reload it correctly. Light Status - Pause (ON) Beep Pattern - 3 beeps Make sure paper is loaded. The paper release lever is set to the wrong position. Set the paper release lever to the position for the paper source you want to use. If paper from another paper source is currently in the paper path, press the Load/Eject button to eject the paper; then move the paper release lever to the desired position. Light Status - Paper Out (Flashing) Pause (ON) Beep Pattern - 3 beeps
    1. A single sheet of paper is not fully ejected. Press the Load/Eject button to eject the sheet.
    2. Continuous paper is not fed to the standby position. Tear off the printed page at the perforation; then press the Load/Eject button. The printer feeds the paper to the standby position.
    3. Paper is jammed in the printer. Clear the paper jam. Light Status - Pause (Flashing) Beep Pattern - No beeps
    1. The print head is overheated. Wait a few minutes; the printer resumes printing automatically once the print head cools.
    2. The printer is in Micro Adjust mode. Light Status - Pause and Paper Out flash simultaneously 3 times Beep Pattern - No beeps When Lock-Out mode has been turned on and a locked button is pushed. All lights flashing and 5 beeps An unknown or fatal printer error has occurred. Turn off the printer and leave it off for several minutes; then turn on the printer again. If the error recurs, contact your dealer or EPSON.
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