My product is printing is too slow. What should I do to resolve this?

  • Here are several solutions to try to resolve the slow printing: 1. Try moving the print server away from large metal objects and other devices that interfere with radio signals, such as cordless phones, microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices. 2. Move your computer, print server, and access point (if you have one) closer to each other. 3. Change the RF Channel on your computer (if you_re using ad hoc mode) or your access point (if you_re using infrastructure mode). To avoid interference from other wireless networks in the vicinity, choose a setting that is at least three channels higher or lower than that for any other wireless network (for example, if another network is set to channel 7, choose channel 10 or higher, or channel 4 or lower). Then change the channel on the computers on your wireless network. Make sure you use the same channel for your access point and computers. 4. Network traffic can affect print performance. Adding another access point or router may improve performance. For other solutions, see the Printer Basics manual.
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