What physical objects may interfere with 802.11b transmission and lead to reduced print speeds?

  • The print server operates with the 802.11b radio interface adapter in your computer. In most instances, the radio signal will transmit through walls, floors and ceilings to another 802.11b device, whether it be an access point, another computer, or the wireless print server. Although the radio signal is not limited to line of sight transmission, as with infrared transmission, physical objects may reduce the strength of the radio signal. Unobstructed 802.11b transmission, e.g., outside of buildings, may travel several hundred feet whereas large metal objects in a building may severely limit radio range. Because in some structures, range and speed may be limited by structural objects, performance may be improved by relocating your equipment. Most 802.11b interface adapters offer configuration utilities which measure and display transmission signal strength. By evaluating the signal strength indicated by these utilities, along with the signal strength indicated by the print server WPAdmin utility, optimum performance can be obtained.
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