I'm experiencing signal problems while running Infrastructure mode with my Mac. When I move the Base Station/Access Point closer to the product, the signal is stronger and printing is better. Why?

  • In infrastructure mode, if the building or environment has other Base Station's/AccessPoint's that are on the same channel, there can be interference. Channel 11 is usually the default channel. Choose another channel. You may even want to enable WEP to block out any other devices from your immediate network. Do not enable WEP until you see the print server in WP-Admin, and configure WEP there, on your PowerBook/iBook and Base station. Consult your Airport Manual for WEP configuration. Do the following:
    1. Change the channel on the PowerBook/iBook to a channel, other than 11, in the Create Network section of the Airport Admin Utility.
    2. Create a network name in the Create Network section of the Airport Admin Utility.
    3. Reboot the print server.
    4. Launch WP-Admin. (For OS X users, download the current OS X version of WP-Admin, "epson10220.sea.hqx", from the Epson Support Site at: http://support.epson.com/hardware/printer/inkjet/sc80wn/index.html
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