How should I transport my product?

  • If you need to ship your printer, first remove all the ink cartridges.
    Press the Ink button and the carriage will move over to the ink change position. Then remove all cartridges.
    After all cartridges are removed you may power off the printer. You may save the ink cartridges and reinstall them later.

    If you move your printer some distance, you need to prepare it for transportation in its original box or one of a similar size.

    After you have received the printer, turn the power back on and the printer should give you an ink out error. You will need to push the ink button 4 times while the printer is showing you which cartridge is out. Then push the ink change button a 5th time to move the carriage to the ink change position. Then install all cartridges and push the ink button again. The printer will perform an ink charge which will take up to 30 seconds. When the green power light remains steady the printer is ready to print.
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