When I print on EPSON 4" x 6" photo paper, why does the image print outside of the perforated margins?

  • In order to use the Epson 4" x 6" Photo Paper (S041134) with Micro-perforated edges there are several steps to be followed.

    1. First choose the Paper Tab in Printer Properties and scroll down to User defined in the Paper Size box.
    2. For Paper Width enter 4.47 inches (114mm) and for Paper Height enter 6.90 inches (175mm).
    3. After entering the paper size, you'll need to name this new size in order to save it for future use.
    4. Name your new Paper size "4 x 6" in the Paper Size Name box. Then select the SAVE button.
    5. The name you created should appear in the Paper Size box at the left.
    6. After saving the name select the OK button.
    7. Your new Size should be selectable in the C80 driver menu.
    You should now be able to print. Make sure the Paper type and resolution settings are correct.
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