How do I adjust the cutting position so my product cuts my roll paper printouts on the very edge of my prints?

  • Follow these steps to align the paper cutter:

    1. Make sure the printer is turned on but not printing, and letter-size paper is loaded.
    2. Use the down arrow button to highlight Advanced Settings on the LCD Control panel, then press the Select button.
    3. Continue pressing the down-arrow button until Cutting Position Adjustment is highlighted, then press the Select button.
    4. Press Custom button 1 to print and automatically cut the adjustment pattern.

    5. Once the pattern is done printing, place the cut pieces together and determine which section (1-17) is cut most exactly on the border between the two colors. (In the example above, number 9 shows the best cut.)
    6. Use the up and down arrow and buttons to display the number of that section (1-17), then press the Select button.
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