Does the type of paper I use really make a difference?

  • EPSON recommends using plain photocopy or bond papers for your everyday printing.

    For digital photos that look and feel like traditional photos, choose one of the EPSON Premium Photo papers.

    Other brands of paper, which claim they can be used with all brands of ink jet printers, may not be compatible with the EPSON ink. These papers may give you lower quality color images. The ink may also not dry properly, because the ink doesn't bind properly to the media, causing smearing and pages sticking together.

    Once you know which photos you want to print, you need to select the type of paper to print them on, the paper size, and your layout. Here are some helpful tips:

    Select a type of paper to suit your image.
    A photograph is meant to last for years. For best quality, use one of the EPSON Premium Photo papers.

    Use the paper designed for your printer.
    EPSON paper is designed to work with EPSON ink and printers. If you use incompatible paper, you may not get the results you expect.

    Select a paper size and layout to get the size of photos you want.
    When using the printer in stand-alone mode (without connecting it to a computer), it automatically resizes your photos to fit the layout you choose on any size paper-from letter-size to 4 W 6. To get the size of photos you want, see the table on page 33 of your manual; it will help you choose the right combination of paper size and layout.

    Note: You can print BorderFree photos only on certain sizes of paper:
    4 W 6 inches, 5 W 7 inches, 8 W 10 inches, and letter-size individual sheets; and 4-inch and 8.3-inch wide roll paper. (8.3-inch wide roll paper can be used only when printing from your computer.)
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