How do I replace an ink cartridge?

  • Make sure you have a new ink cartridge before starting the replacement process.
    • The printer should be on but not printing (the green Power light should be on, but not flashing).
    • Raise the printer cover, then press down the Maintenance button for six seconds. The print head moves to the cartridge replacement position.
    • If both cartridges need replacing, the print head moves to the black cartridge position first.
    • The black cartridge is on the left, and the color cartridge is on the right.
    • Pull up the empty ink cartridge clamp and remove the cartridge.
    • Unwrap the new ink cartridge, being careful not to touch the green chip on the front of the cartridge. Remove ONLY the yellow tape seal from the top of the cartridge. If you remove anything but the yellow seal you cannot use the cartridge or it will damage the printer. You must remove the yellow tape from the top of the cartridge or you will permanently damage it.
    • Insert the new cartridge and press down firmly on the clamp. Make sure the clamp is closed completely.
    • If the other cartridge needs to be replaced, the print head moves into the loading position. Repeat the steps to install the second cartridge.
    • After installing the ink cartridge press the Maintenance button to begin charging the ink delivery system. Charging takes about 30 seconds and is complete when the power light stops flashing and the error light goes out. For more information on installing an ink cartridge please refer to the Start Here Poster or your Printer Basics Manual.
    If the red Error light remains on and the printer continues to make noise for more than five minutes, open the printer cover and press the Power button to turn the printer off. Then make sure that the ink cartridge clamps are completely closed. Close the printer cover and turn the printer on then press the maintenance button to finish the ink charging. If that doesn't work contact Epson technical support for assistance.
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