How do I print on envelopes with my product?

  • You can load up to 10 envelopes at a time. Load the envelopes short edge first against the right edge of the sheet feeder.

    The printable side should be up, and the flap side should be down and on the left. Slide the left edge guide against them.

    Move the thickness lever on the side of the printer to the envelope position. (Remember to move the thickness lever back to the normal position when you're done.)

    Before you print, make these settings:
    For Orientation, select Landscape (for OS X, select the middle icon in the Orientation section of the page setup dialog box).

    For paper Type (Windows) or Media Type (Macintosh), select Plain Paper.
    Choose the correct envelope size as the paper Size (Windows) or Paper Size (Macintosh).

    The most common envelope size is Envelope no. 10.
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