What scanning resolution should I use to get the best results when I print the scanned image?

  • When you use the scanner buttons and EPSON Smart Panel, the software selects the best settings automatically. Here are some recommended settings for different types of scans.
    Image typeRecommended Image TypeScanning Resolution for printing
    PhotographColor Photo300 dpi
    Small photograph to be enlargedColor Photo300 dpi to 2400 dpi
    MagazineColor Photo300 dpi
    Newspaper (text only)Text (Background Removal)400 dpi
    Text for OCRText (Background Removal)400 dpi
    Text with imagesColor Document400 dpi
    Line artLine art300 to 2400 dpi
    1. If your final file is for on-screen viewing (for example, on a web page or in an e-mail message), select 96 dpi for your resolution.

    2. If you are enlarging your image, you must manually increase the resolution (dpi) proportionally to maintain the resolution of your original.
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