When I print on EPSON 4" x 6" photo paper, why does the image print outside of the perforated margins?

  • This should be resolved by choosing the 'centered' option within the printer driver Preferences.
    Follow these instructions to change to the 'centered' preference. If this does not correct it, it may be a software issue and you may need to contact your software company for further support.

    1. Click on Start/Settings/Printers
    2. Right click on the "Epson CX3200" icon
    3. Click on "Preferences"
    4. Click on the "Paper" tab
    5. Ensure that the "Paper Size" is set to "Photo Paper 4 x 6 in"
    6. Under the "Printable Area" selection, choose "Standard" and "Centered"
    7. Click on "Apply"
    8. Click on "OK"
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