I'm having paper feed problems. What should I do?

  • If your EPSON CX3200 doesn't feed paper, feeds multiple Pages, or paper is jammed, remove the jammed paper.

    Remove any wrinkled sheets and fan the paper before replacing the stack of paper.

    Finally, press the load/eject button to make sure it feeds the paper properly.

    Make sure of the following:
    Paper isn't old, creased, damp, or too thin.
    The edge guide is resting against the stack of paper.
    Paper isn't loaded above the arrow on the edge guide.

    If paper doesn't eject fully, you may have set the wrong paper size.
    Press the load/eject button to eject the paper. Then make sure you select the correct paper size in your application or print settings.
    Fan the stack of paper and then even the edges before loading it.
    Make sure your EPSON CX3200 is on a stable, level surface.
    Some types of paper stick together and should be loaded one sheet at a time.
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