Can this be set up to print in Black by default instead of Color?

  • To select 'Black' ink within your printer driver, please follow the steps listed below.

    1. Click on 'START', 'SETTINGS', 'PRINTERS'.
    2. Right click on the printer model 'EPSON CX3200', then click on 'Preferences'.
    3. Once in the 'Printer Preferences', click on the 'MAIN' tab.
    4. Select 'BLACK' under the Ink type.
    5. Click on 'APPLY', then 'OK' to save the setting.

    * If you wish to print in color, repeat the steps listed above replacing 'BLACK' with 'COLOR' for the ink type.
    ** Keep in mind that the printer will print both black and color when 'COLOR' is selected as the ink type in your 'Printer Preferences'.
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