My product won't feed paper. What should I do?

  • Turn on the printer and press the paper button to see if paper will load. If not, check the following:
    • Make sure the paper isn't curled or creased, isn't loaded above the arrow on the left edge guide, and that the paper isn't jammed in the printer.
    • Remove the paper stack from the tray; Fan it and reload it in the tray.
    • Make sure the paper stack is lying flat against the paper tray and not standing straight up in the tray.
    • If the Paper Out light is on, reload the paper, making sure the paper edge guide is adjusted to fit the paper's width. Then press the paper button again to see if the paper will load now.
    • If the Paper Out light is flashing, turn the printer off, reload the paper, turn the printer back on, and try pressing the paper button again.
    • If the problem persists, turn off power the printer, remove the printer cable, and make sure all the packing materials are removed.
    • If the problem is not resolved, contact EPSON's technical support for further assistance.
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