How do I cancel printing and clear my product's buffer?

  • Make sure that you cancel the print job from the EPSON Status Monitor3 menu on your computer before you try to clear the printer's buffer. Also, make sure the printer is no longer printing. After canceling the print job from the computer, turn the printer off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn on the printer again.

    Click Stop to stop printing and delete the print job. Click Pause to stop printing but not delete the job. The button changes to Resume. Click Resume when ready to resume printing.

    Select your print job by clicking on the Print Job icon. Click the trash can to delete the job or click the pause icon to cancel the job and print it at a later time. After doing one of the above, a message appears, click OK to delete or cancel the job or click Abort to stop printing but hold the job for printing later.
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