How do I load roll paper?

  • Follow these steps to load roll paper in the printer:
    1. Remove the tape and protective paper from the end of the roll. Then insert the holders into the roll of paper as shown.
    2. Make sure the end of the paper is cut straight across, with 900 corners. If the end is cut diagonally, you may have problems feeding the paper.
    3. If the paper curls at the end, fold a sheet of paper over the end and roll it backward to uncurl it. Avoid touching the printable surface of the roll paper.
    4. Remove any paper that's in the sheet feeder at the top of the printer. Then remove the paper support, lower the output tray, and turn on the printer.
    5. Make sure the paper thickness lever is set to the position.
    6. Install the roll paper holders on the printer. Insert the right holder into the far left slot, then insert the other holder into the appropriate slot on the right (either the 4-inch slot as shown, or the 8.3-inch slot further on the right).

    7. Pull out approximately six inches of paper and insert it into the sheet feeder. Then slide the left edge guide against the paper (but not too tightly).
    8. Hold the paper in place by the edges and press the roll paper button until the printer feeds the paper automatically.

    9. To verify that the paper is loaded straight, open the printer cover and look into the printer. If the paper is crooked, press the roll paper button and hold it for three seconds to back the paper all the way out.

    10. Then turn the roll paper holder knobs to roll up the paper. Press the roll paper button to clear the paper out error. Repeat steps 7 through 9 to reload the paper.
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