What are the common escape codes for my product?

  • Some commonly used escape codes are listed (in decimal values) in the table below.

    Reset(27, 64)
    Set page length in lines(27, 67, n - where n is a number from 1 to 127)
    Carriage return(13)
    Line feed(10)
    Form feed(12)
    Select 1/8-inch line spacing(27, 77)
    Select bold font(27, 69)
    Cancel bold font27, 70
    Select italic font(27, 52)
    Cancel italic font(27, 53)
    Turn underline on/off(27, 45, n - where n equals 49=ON or 48=OFF)
    Select condensed print(15)
    Cancel condensed print(18)
    If you need to use advanced escape codes for programming purposes, you can purchase an ESC/P Reference Manual from the Epson Store.
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