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What are the common escape codes for my product?

    Some commonly used escape codes are listed (in decimal values) in the table below.

    Reset(27, 64)
    Set page length in lines(27, 67, n - where n is a number from 1 to 127)
    Carriage return(13)
    Line feed(10)
    Form feed(12)
    Select 1/8-inch line spacing(27, 77)
    Select bold font(27, 69)
    Cancel bold font27, 70
    Select italic font(27, 52)
    Cancel italic font(27, 53)
    Turn underline on/off(27, 45, n - where n equals 49=ON or 48=OFF)
    Select condensed print(15)
    Cancel condensed print(18)

    If you need to use advanced escape codes for programming purposes, you can purchase an ESC/P Reference Manual from the Epson Store.
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