Why does nothing happen when I try to scan or print?

  • Look at the LCD panel to make sure the security lock is turned off. If it's prompting you to enter a PIN code, the security lock is turned on and you cannot use the CX6400 without entering the PIN.

    If you cannot remember the PIN, you'll have to disable the security lock from your computer:
    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the CX6400, then insert the CX6400 CD-ROM.
    2. Follow the appropriate step below based on your operating system:

      Windows: If you see the Software Installation screen, click Exit. Open the SecurityLock Tool folder on the CD-ROM, then double-click the program located in that folder.

      Macintosh: The EPSON folder opens automatically (if it doesn't, double-click the EPSON CD-ROM icon). Then double-click the Security Lock icon.
    3. At the screen that opens, select Security Lock Off and click OK, then click OK again to confirm. You now have full access to the CX6400.
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