I'm printing serial, my baud rate is at 9600, and intermittently my product will lose data. What should I do?

  • If you are using the non-buffered serial interface card (model C823051) and X-on/X-off is enabled, the X-off signal may not reach the printer in time to delay data transmission. This will result in an overflow and loss of data.

    If you can use a DTR setting, change X-on/X-off to DTR. If you must use X-on/X-off, try decreasing the baud rate. See Setting the conditions for the model C823051 Serial Interface Card.

    Another option would be to purchase a 32KB buffered serial interface card (model C823071). The buffered card has a flag reset timing feature which allows the card to set aside additional buffer space to "catch" any data overflow. The flag reset timing feature settings are selectable through dip switches on the card.

    Also, make sure your printer cable is less than 50 feet long when you're printing at 9600 baud.
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