How do I add my name to the sender information on my outgoing faxes?

  • To add your name to the sender information, you must use the Epson Speed Dial Utility. Follow the steps below:

    Note:The Epson Speed Dial Utility is compatible only with Windows computers. If you are using a Macintosh, you will not be able to add your name to your sender information.
    1. Install the Speed Dial Utility (included on the CD-ROMs that came with your CX11NF).
    2. Make sure the CX11NF is connected and is communicating with the driver.
    3. Click Start and select Programs or All Programs.
    4. Select EPSON Speed Dial Utility, then click Speed Dial Utility. A Speed Dial Utility window appears.
    5. Select Create New (on the left side of the window).
    6. Click the Sender Information tab (on the right side of the window).
    7. Enter your name in the Sender name field.
    8. Click Send Record.
    9. When you see a window asking you Send user data to the MFP?, click Yes. Your sender information is uploaded to the CX11NF.
    10. When you see a window containing the message Upload completed, click OK. Your name has now been added to the sender information in the CX11NF.
    11. Click Save to save the sender name in the Speed Dial Utility, or click Cancel to exit the utility.
    12. To include your sender information on your outgoing faxes, activate the Print Sender Info setting.

    Editing Speed Dial Recipients
    1. In the Speed Dial tab, select a registered recipient from the list.
    2. Click the Edit button. You see the Edit window:
    3. Make the desired changes to the information. Then click OK.

      The changes are saved and displayed in the registered recipient list in the Speed Dial Tab.
    4. To edit other registered recipients, repeat the above steps.
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