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The green  power light is on, but nothing prints. What should I do?

    The problem could be due to the cabling, software settings, or the printer's condition. Try the following to fix the problem.
      Check the cabling
      • Make sure the printer cable is securely connected to the printer and to your computer and check that the cable is not damaged or badly crimped.
      • The printer will not be recognized during the driver installation if connected to a printer switch. If this is the case, directly connect the printer to your computer using the USB, IEEE 1394 (Windows) or FireWire (Macintosh) cable.
      • If you're connecting the printer to your computer via a USB hub, connect the printer to the first-tier hub from your computer. If the printer driver is still not recognized on your computer, try to directly connect the printer to your computer without the USB hub.
      • If you're connecting the printer to your computer via a USB hub, make sure the USB hub device is recognized by your computer.
      • If you're using the USB interface, use a Revision 1.1 or 2.0 cable.
      • If you're using a FireWire interface, make sure its IEEE 1394 Host Controllers are OHCI compliant.
      Check the software
      • If you're using Windows, make sure your operating system provides USB or IEEE 1394 support. See Does your computer provide USB or IEEE 1394 support? in the Reference Guide for more information.
      • If you're using a Macintosh, make sure the printer driver was added in the Print Center or Printer Setup Utility menu before printing. See Setup for Mac OS X in the Reference Guide for more information.
      • Make sure that the printer is selected in your application software.
      • Try reducing the image resolution or size of your document in the application software. If you can print the reduced image, your computer system's memory was probably too small to handle the volume of data in your document. You may need to install more memory in your computer to print the larger document.
      Check the printer
      • Run a printer operation check to see if a check page will print.

        If the check page prints, the problem is probably not the printer.

        If the check page does not print, see Error indicators in the Reference Guide to check if the printer's control panel indicates a problem. This section will provide solutions for printer control panel errors.
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