I replaced an ink cartridge and my product shows that the same ink cartridge is expended. What should I do?

  • If you have just installed a new ink cartridge and the red ink light is still on or flashing, the cartridge may be incorrectly installed.

    Follow these steps to reinstall your ink cartridge(s):
    1. Make sure that the document cover is closed, then open the scanner.

      Caution: Do not open the scanner when the document cover is open.
    2. Press and release the ink button.

      The On and ink lights flash and the Stylus CX moves the ink cartridge holder to the area of the  ink expended mark.

      Caution: Do not move the print head by hand; this may damage the Stylus CX. Always press the ink button to move it.
    3. Continue to press and release the ink button until the ink cartridge holder moves to the ink cartridge replacement position.
    4. Open the cartridge cover.
    5. Squeeze the tab at the back of the cartridge and lift it straight out.

      Warning: If ink gets on your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. If ink gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with water.

      Caution: Do not touch the green chip on the front of the cartridge. This can damage the ink cartridge.
    6. Reinsert the ink cartridge into the cartridge holder and push it down until it clicks into place.
    7. If you need to reinstall any other cartridges, repeat steps 5 and 6.
    8. When you're done reinstalling ink, close the ink cartridge cover and press it until it clicks into place.
    9. Close the scanner.
    10. Press the ink button.
    11. The Stylus CX begins charging ink and the On light starts flashing. This takes about one minute. When it's finished, the On light stops flashing and remains on, and the ink light goes out.
    12. Caution: Never turn off the Stylus CX while the On light is flashing or you'll waste ink.
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