My printout has incorrect margins. What should I do?

  • The best solution for this problem depends on whether you're printing, scanning, or copying. See the solutions below for your task.

    • Make sure the paper settings are correct for your paper size in the printer software.
    • Choose the correct margins for your paper size in your printing program.
    • Use the Print Preview option in your printer software to check your margins before you print.
    • Make sure your paper is positioned against the right side of the rear sheet feeder and the edge guide is against the left side of the paper. See Load Paper in the Rear Sheet Feeder.
    • Make sure your paper is positioned against each of the edge guides. See Load Paper in the Front Paper Cassette.
    • If you're using a Macintosh, make sure you choose the same printer in the Page Setup window and the Print window.
    • If you're printing from a web browser, the pages may not print correctly due to the web page design. Try one of the following:
      • Check to see if there is a Printer Friendly Version (or similarly named) icon or link on the web page that you can click on.
      • Experiment with page setup and paper size, then select Print Preview from the File menu in your application to view the changes.
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