I'm having problems installing the software. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    • Make sure your Epson Stylus CX is turned on and the USB cable is securely connected at both ends. If you still have problems, disconnect the USB cable and carefully follow the software installation instructions on the Start Here sheet. Also make sure your system meets the requirements.
    • In Windows, make sure the Epson Stylus CX4400 Series is selected as the default printer and that the correct port is shown in the printer properties.
    • If you see an error message or your software doesn't install correctly in Windows, you may not have software installation privileges. Contact your System Administrator.
    • If you're using Windows, make sure your system was not upgraded from Windows 95. The USB Printer Device Driver may not install correctly.
    • Make sure the USB Controller is working properly in Device Manager. See your Windows help system for details. If it's not working, contact your computer manufacturer.
    • If you're printing over a network, set up the software for network printing.
    • Make sure all applications (including any screen savers and virus protectors) are closed before you install the software. If any applications were open, uninstall the software (Windows or Mactintosh), then reinstall the software (Windows or Macintosh).
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